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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wu-Tang Clan “Six Directions of Boxing”

RZA Breaks Down "The Man with the Iron Fists" Soundtrack

Producer: Frank Dukes

RZA: “U-God set it off. At one point, we didn’t have Deck on it. I was like, ‘Hold on, we need Deck on here.’ He usually starts off, but he’s at the end. I’m proud of this song because, this is one of the first songs [in a while] that has this many members of Wu rapping back-to-back. And I called it ‘Six Directions of Boxing’ because every direction is covered.

“Those brothers ripped it. And for me, it’s a privilege, because it completes having the entire Wu-Tang Clan on the soundtrack. So we got the whole Wu-Tang Clan on the soundtrack, and the son of ODB [who raps on the final song on the soundtrack].”

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