Raekwon & Ghostface KIllah- All About The Money Remix (Dirty)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

THE SHOP FM Interviews Wu-Tang's Cappadonna

Panic has a conversation with Cappadonna from The Wu-Tang Clan in Appleton, WI while on tour with King Magnetic on the "Everything Happens For A Reason Tour".

Monday, April 17, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

Masta Killa Talks Why It Took Him 11Yrs.To Drop An Album After The Wu-tang 2x Platinum 36 Chambers

This Is Part 2 Of The Masta Killa In Depth Interview With M.Reck, Part 3 Coming Soon.Presented & Sponsored By Wu Wear Download Joe Young "Invincible Armour" Lp In Stores Now Click Link Below

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Raekwon Hints at New Wu-Tang Album + Speaks On "The Wild"

Raekwon stops by Ebro in the Morning to discuss how he his collaboration with Cee-Lo came about, the time Kanye made everyone in the studio wear a suit and Ghostface Killah producing the next Wu album. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Masta Killa In A Game Of Chess: GZA Is My Son And RZA Is My Nephew (Exclusive Interview Part 1 Of 4)

Masta Killa From The Legendary Wu-Tang Clan Sit Downs With M.Reck For This In-depth Interview 1-4, Part 2 Coming Soon. 
Filmed By Kemetic Eye Films, Edited By M.Reck For #MRecktv, Big D On The Beat, M.Reck Doing It For The Culture. Presented By Gutta Muzic Fillmz

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Raekwon Details Wu-Tang Clan’s Response To U-God’s $2.5 Million Lawsuit

Last November, Wu-Tang Clan member U-God slapped his band-mates with a reported $2.5 million lawsuit. The Staten Island, New York veteran named RZA and brother, manager Mitchell “Divine” Diggs in the lawsuit, and alleged that he had not been paid for any group work since 2013. That period includes a million-dollar sale of the sole copy Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, as well as other work.

Several days later, The Golden Arms MC seemingly clarified reports, in verse. On the song “Venom,” U-God pledged allegiance to Wu-Tang, even despite the legal battle.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Shop Talk with Raekwon

For this episode of Shop Talk, Mass Appeal linked with Raekwon the Chef at Carmine Street Comics.

"I'm always gonna take time to check out cartoons and look at comic books," said Raekwon shortly after strolling into Carmine Street Comics in NYC's West Village. "In this business you have to stay young."

For the cover of Rae's seventh solo album The Wild the iconic Wu-Tang MC enlisted former Shaolin resident Dan Lish to create a comics-inspired post-apocalyptic urban wasteland. Although Meth is the Wu's biggest comic book head, Rae tapped into the graphic arts to portray his vision of NYC. "I'm almost the king of the jungle... I want the people to be animals... I feel like New York City has no identity when it comes to knowing what we created in the music business. I need New York to look twisted."

"People look at Wu-Tang as superheroes," Rae says in our latest edition of Shop Talk. "When you see Raekwon the Chef, you're thinkin' a guy with the blades, that's nice with the blades on some karate shit. Tony Starks, Ironman, he like to hold them things, too. That iron! [Laughs]" Peep the video up top.

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