Friday, December 2, 2016

Being "raised by Wu-Tang"

Sophia Chang is a longtime music business power player who has guided the careers of many of your favorite rappers and singers, including a healthy percentage of the Wu-Tang Clan. She started in the music business working for a Graceland-era Paul Simon, but quickly moved into top positions at labels like Atlantic and Jive.

But it was in artist management that she really found her stride. Sophia managed Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest, Blackalicious, Organized Noize, D’Angelo, and Raphael Saadiq. But the real heart of her career has been with the Wu-Tang Clan. She worked with RZA, GZA, and ODB, managed RZA’s label Razor Sharp Records, and even ran the USA Shaolin Temple.

Sophia’s fascinating new blog about her life and times is Raised By Wu-Tang.

[via The Cipher]

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wu-Art Thursday #224 - Mysterious Land of Shaolin

PeachTao had the honor of illustrating this map of Staten Island, to accompany an in-dept interview with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, for the book "Nonstop Metropolis - a New York City Atlas", edited by Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro , published by University of California Press. The map is also part of the "Nonstrop Metropolis : the Remix" exhibition, on view in Queens Museum since Apr 2016. It was also written in The Guardian, April 2016.

The illustrations were done as several different woodblock prints, then digitally combined together.

The map was done by cartographer Molly Roy. Designer : Lia Tjandra 

The University of California Press also wrote a lovely report on the Book launch party at Queens Museum.

You can also buy the merchandise here

(Tattoo stickers, tshirts , bags and more!)

You can also buy the merchandise here

(Tattoo stickers, tshirts , bags and more!)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

U-God Reportedly Bringing $2.5 Million Lawsuit Against Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan might be something to fuck with after all.

Wu member U-God is apparently not too happy with the way the group has been distributing its royalties. Namely that he hasn't been getting any. According to a report from TMZ, U-God is bringing a $2.5 million lawsuit against the group, alleging that he hasn't received his royalty payment on 12 of the Wu-Tang Clan's albums for the past six years. On top of that, he reportedly hasn't been paid the two percent he's owed from merchandise sales either. According to the report, he's particularly angry with RZA, who pulls many of the strings for the group.

He also claims that he hasn't seen a cent of the record-setting $2 million sale of the group's new album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. The one-of-a-kind album was sold to pharma bro Martin Shkreli in 2015. Shkreli actually played snippets of the album for his Periscope followers earlier this month to celebrate the presidential victory of Donald Trump.

Altogether, U-God is reportedly claiming that he's owed at least $2.5 million due to several alleged breaches of contract. He's also looking for a full audit of the Wu-Tang Clan's financials so that everyone can understand exactly where the money comes and goes.

The group has a long and complicated history of financial infighting. U-God left and rejoined the group over issues with RZA before. Ghostface Killah once sued for unpaid royalties, and RZA and Raekwon have also had a very public rivalry. We'll have to wait and see how the latest lawsuit turns out.


RZA To Donate Proceeds From 36 Chambers Menswear Jacket To Charity

Wu-Tang Clan member RZA and Mustafa Shaikh announced the limited-edition launch of the 36 Chambers menswear’s Quilted Denim Motorcycle Jacket.

Of the 36 jackets made, 24 come in black and 12 come in white.

RZA and Shaikh are donating 100% of the profits of the all white jacket to The Children’s Literacy Society.

“When starting this line it was very important for us to build a charitable aspect into our company starting with the first season. With it being the holiday season we hope to encourage others to get involved by giving to a great cause, while at the same time purchasing a great jacket to wear,” states RZA.

The Children’s Literacy Society was founded by RZA’s sister Sophia Diggs. The organization provides funds and resources for reading, writing, music, and nutrition after-school programs in public schools.

“When my sister left my company to work for New York Human Resources, she came across so many adults with low level literacy skills. These people occupy our homeless shelters, prisons and are in the lowest income bracket,” RZA Children’s Literacy Society aims to bring awareness to this problem as well as offer some solutions by engaging children at a young age to discover the beauty and importance of reading and writing,” RZA explains.

Diggs adds, “I started the Children’s Literacy Society in 2009. While working in human resources I felt a strong need to do more as my heart went out to the people that were walking through my doors. Our mission is to help those at risk by instilling in them confidence and motivation to become productive and successful individuals.”

Covering the story of the Golden Dragon, Chinese calligrapher Mak Ming Chan wrote a poem for the collection. The poem, written in Chinese calligraphy, is featured on the back of the jacket.

Items from 36 Chambers include limited edition varsity jackets, suit jackets, shirts, bags, and accessories. A women’s varsity jacket will also be made available.

“We put a lot of attention into the execution of every piece of the line to ensure that each limited piece told a story,” says Mustafa Shaikh. “Everything from the embroidery work to the liner to even the hang tag, were meticulously crafted in order to tell a cohesive narrative.”

The full collection is available for purchase at

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wu-Tang Holiday Sweaters

Wu-Tang Holiday Sweaters

This one’s been around for a few years, but if you are a Wu-Tang Clan fan and haven’t copped it yet, better late than never. It’s available for $69 at Urban Outfitters Suuuu.

You can also cop The Red, White and Wu from

Monday, November 28, 2016

Raekwon's New Album Is Complete, Dropping 2017

Raekwon has announced that his new album is ready to go.

Raekwon's last album Fly International LuxuriousArt, and while we haven't received many updates on the follow-up, the Wu-Tang rapper now reports that his new album is complete.

"LP IS DONE !!!!! #blades is sharpened. # 2017 release litted !!!!!" he wrote on Instagram," adding, "I will always appreciate real rap....."

Unfortunately, Rae didn't put forth any further information on a release date, but if the project is done, one would hope we'd see it in the first quarter of the new year. 

Raekwon hit the road with his Only Built 4 Cuban Linx partner Ghostface Killah over the summer, so here's hoping the two recorded some new collaborative material on the tour bus.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Documentary On Hip-Hop Production Samples Input From Some Rap Classics (Video)

A documentary on the evolution of music production has been airing this fall. Soundbreaking on PBS examines what music producers do, how the craft and technology has advanced, and the impact some men and women have had on superstars in Pop, Rock & Roll, Soul, and Hip-Hop. Episode 6 of the PBS documentary (“The World Is Yours”) aired this past week. This one hour focused on Rap music, beginning with 1979’s Sugarhill Gang and evolving to Kanye West’s emergence.

It features new commentary by Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, Rick Rubin, Q-Tip, The Bomb Squad’s Chuck D and Hank Shocklee, Ad-Rock, The Dust Brothers’ Mike Simpson, and others. There are also file footage interviews with other major players of Hip-Hop.

Episode 7 airs Monday (November 28) on PBS stations.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

RARE Wu-Tang Clan On HOT97 In 1995!!

Today we have a live, throwback joint from the year 1995 originally aired on NYC’s Hot97 FM during Funkmaster Flex’s show and guest starring one of the greatest producers in hip hop history- The Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA.

RZA works the 1&2s blazes through half a milk crate of breaks before switching genres and finishing his set with some of his own work with the clan. This is recommended listening for any Wu-Fan out there. I guarantee you won’t be hearing this on the radio anytime soon.

Monday, November 21, 2016

16 Year Anniversary of 'The W'

16 Year Anniversary of 'The W' 

The W was the third studio album by the Wu-Tang Clan. It was released on November 21, 2000, by Loud Records. After their 1997 double album Wu-Tang Forever, several of the group's members released solo projects before The W, which has a more rugged, less polished sound than that of most Wu-Tang related albums from that era. The album also features guest appearances from Isaac Hayes, Redman, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, and Junior Reid.