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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wu-Tang Clan – Mystagogue Vol. 2 (Rare Slap Magazine Mix)

This is one of those really rare finds that Wu fans can thank the internet for. Right here’s a Side A / Side B rip of the Mystagogue Vol. 2 cassette that came inside sealed issues of Slap skateboard magazine back in 1996. The cassette / Slap promo was only available at skate shops and was meant to act as a hype tool for the Wu skate team. The file hit about every blog a few years back but a big number of the links have gone dead. Here it is for everybody a 3rd time around. It’s those raw RZA beats you know & love mixed with some jazzy instrumentals and lots of great scratching. The intro is classic too.

Free Promo Download


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