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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Making of RZA aka Bobby Digital Presents Northstar

As Naratted by ChristBearer (Northstar) For Wu-International

There is a whole album of songs that we and RZA THE GREAT wanted for this album but the execs over at Koch was like no, no, no so we put it out our selves several times :0) and called it Northstar presents West Coast Killa Beez which was first called Underground Sh*t az a lot of fans know Warcloud was all over that album being that at the time he had left Black Knight over creative differences even though they were still cool and working together and he was mainly riding wit us but when Koch said they wanted us to record it in LA we did just that to make a long story short, a lot changed when we went back to re-record the album.

Kinetic, Pachino and Ninth got involved because they knew we needed the support, same wit everybody else from Trife to Freemurder, Mathematics, Suga Bang Bang, Solomon Childs, Krymelife, The Knigths etc all family, Masta Killa and Dirty (ODB RIP) was supposed to get on but due to miscommunication it never happened, Masta Killah even had a verse that I never got to hear for Red Rum.

All and All it was received great on the underground and it even got great write ups in almost every major hip hop mag you can name Vive, The Source, Double XL, etc yet the label and RZA THE GREAT could not see eye to eye and they wanted the album NOW! RZA THE GREAT wanted what he wanted so I must admit that between me and Alan Grumblat over there at Koch we did some gangster yet junky shit when RZA was out of town to get the masters for press cuzz I wanted that album out as bad as them on the East, North, West and Central Long Beach city!!! :0) yet RZA THE GREAT did some gangster shit too and cut the tour short and kept the video money, and changed the title from The RZA presents to Bobby Digital presents thats why you saw the first covers were almost different :0) so there it is.. may it reign for ever and a day Bobby Digital presents according to CHRIST BEARER THE GREAT;0)

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