The Saga Continues

Saturday, November 12, 2011

On 11/13 Please tribute to our lost Wu-Tang Brother, Mr Russell Jones aka Ol Dirty Bastard on by posting his photo on your social network pages, post his videos and stories you may have concerning him, and call and email your local Radio and Video shows and ask them to pay tribute to the man that brought "Keeping it Real" to life.

I became friends with Russell Jones then known as Ason Unique late in 1991 after meeting him through RZA. I worked with him for Wu-Tang, and also for Elektra on his first album. I never got the chance to link up with ODB after he got out of Jail since we had lost touch during that time, I was going to see him ,but he passed away a day before I was to reunite with him. I miss him, it was hard to think of the world without Russell Jones. I remember rolling with him shortly after he had been shot years ago, for all of the things he went through, he seemed larger than life.

Many of you may never of had the chance to meet Russell Jones, he was the Ol Dirty Bastard....what you saw live was how he lived his life. He was one of the most giving artists I know, rolling with him was always an adventure.... I remember @ one college show, he washed his socks in the sink, then tried to dry them in an oven that was in the area they had for us (note to you doesn't work...all you get is burnt socks LOL!). He was one of the realest people I've had the pleasure of knowing and calling a friend. He was original in style and spoke his mind ( as many of you saw in the Grammy's LOL!), and one of Hip Hop's most memorable MC's

Back in 2007 on MySpace I started a campaign to get Radio Stations and Video Shows all over the World to pay ODB the respect he deserves on the anniversary of his death on Nov 13, 2004.

It's a shame when each year stations play tributes to Biggie and Pac on the anniversaries of their deaths ,but show no love to ODB. It's wrong since ODB always showed Radio and Video Shows love when he was in each Market. They don't give a damn about artists unless it benefits them, so we need you the listeners to show them that ODB still matters to you !


"G" (the Promoter)