The Saga Continues

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wu-Tang Vs. Gil Scott Heron - The Gil-Scott Suite

Shaolin Jazz – a collaborative project by Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone, just released The Gil Scott Suite; a tribute to the late Gil Scott-Heron. The EP contains 3 tracks that feature samples from his work blended with select Wu-Tang acapellas. The musical product is conceptually based on the design project “Wu-Note” by Logan Walters, where he re-imaged some classic Wu-Tang album covers in the style of old-school Blue Note albums.

Shaolin Jazz took Gil Scott Heron’s instrumentals and Wu-Tang Clan’s accapellas and as a result you have The Gil Scott Suite EP. Download it here.


  1. i can`t find it nowhere for download..a link please ?