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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The RZA's Top 5 MC's

Jadakiss: “Jadakiss rhymes…like his catch phrases even from years ago with the LOX, he rhymes like he has the experience of a father, like a grown man nah mean? He remind me of somebody that got all the wisdom from all the older cats while he was young and everything he is spitting is like it has the older cat mentality, like a Grand Puba or something, but at a young age. Jadakiss, he doesn’t play with that mic yo.”

Nas: “The early Nas, the first three albums of Nas yo, nah mean. I don’t think too many solo MCs will ever surpass the creativity, ideas and individualization that he put inside his lyrics and songs. Two of the best rhymes I thought written was when he wrote the song ‘One Love’ to his man in jail. You look at Eminem’s ‘Stan,’ that’s ‘One Love.’ That was the inspiration of a man sitting here writing a letter to his man in jail.

Then you take a look at him writing his song [about the gun] ‘I Gave You Power’; describing the tech feeling this way, the rusty gun…taking the individualization of a gun describing. The only other MC doing that was the GZA where he took on the labels and made one meaning a whole ‘nother meaning.”

Big Daddy Kane: “Big Daddy Kane was the one of the first MCs with swagger. In the old days you always used to argue who was better Big Daddy Kane, Rakim or Kool G Rap. But the reason why Big Daddy Kane I think you know was even in that category and some people would say was because his swagger was an MCs swagger. This fuckin ese had the Brooklyn aggressiveness, and yet he still has all the girls on him and he still had hardcore styles. You know his first rhyme when he came out like, “It’s the Kane in the flesh of course I’m fresh, You thought I was rotten, beg your pardon,” when he came with that [‘Just Rhymin’ With Biz’] that shocked almost every MC in New York.

Even to this day when I worked with him, he still is a ice cold ass muthafucker. I always felt like Slick Rick and Snoop Dogg are two of the ice coldest MCs ever because of their voices, they styles. But when I was hanging with Kane, I was like, ‘Naw, you up in there not only as being a dope lyricist and dope MC, but as also one of the ice coldest muthafucker G,’ he really is a unique individual.”

Kool G Rap: “G Rap is the father of drug Rap yo. Off course you know I think Raekwon and Ghostface bought it to our generation and took it to a hands on thing cause that’s where we came from. But G Rap’s Road to the Riches, Wanted Dead or Alive, when he had that lyric, “Crack head searching a dead man’s pocket,” they put you right on the block with that one. Or take his lyrics off ‘The Symphony’ which at that time Kane was the hottest rapper but G Rap stole that song.:

Wu-Tang Clan (GZA, Raekwon & Ghostface): “Well to me, and this is just my personal opinion, no other MC is better than GZA. Two reasons; first of all look at what he spawned. He spawned some of the other best MCs in the world. So that shows his talent was so strong that he taught all of us. Some people put Method Man in their top 50 emcees and he’s a product of the GZA. If you take that song “Fame” where he says, ‘Police Sean Comb through the evidence and Robert Diggs the beat,’ nahmean, if you take that lyric alone where he takes all the names of different celebrities and [makes a] whole story out of it. He did it with ‘Labels,’ it’s a little trademark he does on every album.

Back in the days he was signed to Cold Chillin’ and Kane was like he thought I was GZA, cause he didn’t know my face or whatever, and was looking to battle this nigga cause he knew that the nigga was one of the dope MCs out there and this is what Kane said when we was in the studio. But the GZA yo, his words, his ideas and poetry of his sentences to me makes him one of the best. I am going to give you an example from “Killa Hils 10304” from the Liquid Swords album. “Restaurants on a stake-out so order the food to take out, chaos outside a spark steakhouse, Maintain the power, I feel the deal’s gone sour, N***a Mr. Wedding, late a fuckin half hour and his man who bought land from Tony Starks, while he was contractin bricklayin jobs in city parks, he’s a loan shark, bitches raise a grand to a finger, in a garment that’s stretched, got it sewn like Singer.” Some artist rap four rhymes or four lines most just right lyrics cause they are looking for punch lines.

Raekwon; s**t it took years to figure out what Raekwon was saying. He bought the most slang to the Rap game out of anybody. He is like a slang therapist and if you listen to his lyrics it’s like slang on top of slang. First “politic ditto” that not a catch phrase, it is now. “Africans robbing n****s up in yellow cabs, waving their arms musty like Arabs.” [laughs] It’s like this n***a is crazy; you know the back of a cab be funky… He made it make sense. Back then people was making all there rhymes with “like,” “like,” “like,” but he wasn’t using “like.”

Then if you go to Ghost; to me I just quote what Quentin Tarrentino said to me. He said there are two favorite writers in music from all the writers he listens to , Bob Dylan and Ghostface Killah. Ghost, one of the lines I be using is, “I got to f**k something tonight if not I’m f**king my girl.” He got lines after lines I think he described the street like Nas did it one way that was crazy but Ghost you could tell was not talking from third party experience. Like a lot of MCs tell from they man’s experience, nah, Ghost was the man that did it, saw and could write about it in a way that make you feel like you are doing it.

People didn’t even think Ghost was good at first cause he didn’t get a chance to shine on 36 Chambers, but once he did Cuban Linx… he never turned back. Ghost used to have a lot of headaches and s**t and once he finished the Cuban Linx… album the headaches kinda went away—of course he had a few medical things he had to deal with but I remember Dirty said, “Yo G, you f**king was busting your brain God. In one to two years you developed ten years of talent.” Cause at one point Ghost looked at Dirty as being iller. But [Ghost] was going so hard to make the rhymes to tell his life and tell his story through these rhymes. He used a lot of “likes,” but his “likes” was unorthodox; naming foods and all that s**t. [“Apollo Kids”]”

That’s my top five right there, not to mention Inspector Deck. Inspector Deck is one of the most under rated MCs out of all MCs if you take his verse from “Triumph” alone G. That’s got to be in the top twenty verses ever written!


  1. ghostface is the illest mc from buck 50 to be this way to winter wonderland to r.a.g.u he's the epitome of hiphop, other than big pun and immortal technique they r three mcs on a level that can't b reached

  2. Thank you for the much do respect to Big Daddy Kane...he was WAY ahead of the game. Ain't No Half Steppin!!!

  3. I definitely agree! Deck! I have been saying the same about him since 36 chambers! I can't really jam to much new stuff but everyone that was named I listen to daily! Especially that WU-TANG!

  4. Immortal Technique, on a level that can't be reached? What kinda shit yo smokin, son?

  5. Yea meth is one of the best performers ever IMO but RZA hits the nail on the head here. Only other one i would add would be RZA himself, or maybe Big L if he had more time to develop he could have bested Kool G Rap eventually.

  6. GZA is the dopest emcee ever, just off "fame" alone. I tottaly agree with everything RZA said. Especialy the stuff bout NAS & Kane. He is one ice cold mofo.

  7. My husband says this almost verbatim to me at least once a month like I forget.
    "Inspector Deck is one of the most under rated MCs out of all MCs if you take his verse from “Triumph”.

    Mad respect for GZA. Saw him perform in Portland with the Brooklyn Zoo... I hope my daughter gets to see the Wu come through.

  8. Well i do have to say biggie smalls might need to be there too. He was quite the wordsmith himself i reckon and painted an awesome picture e.g What's beef?... nice beat and lyrics to match, u feel the hard time...

    U-God's opening to Mystery of Chessboxing and Deck's opening to Protect Ya neck are hard to beat!

  9. "If you listen to his lyrics it’s like slang on top of slang." lol True, Chef & GFK are my favourite members. GZA's "Animal Plant" is incredible.

  10. 4 my favorite in all Wu Gambinos,,, ODB R.I.P MC the world ill never 4get u. Peace!!!!!

  11. Gza underrated, NWA crazy overrated.