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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Throw Back Saturdays: The Genius Radio Interview 1991

The Genius (pre-GZA) hit San Francisco with his manager, Melquan (the same Melquan that Just-Ice said "peace" to) the Funky President, to promote his first album, Words From the Genius, on Warner Bros/Cold Chillin'. I believe this was in January or February of 1991. He made a promo/autograph signing appearance at 520 4th Street (old Trocadero Transfer, now Glas Kat), and one of his radio stops was at KPOO-FM 89.5 on the "Soulful Sundays" show with KK Baby. This is a recording of that interview.

Genius Interview - San Francisco 1991
During this visit, he told us (a group of friends including Stacey Holmes and Adisa Banjoko) about his cousin Rakeem, and talked about how hip-hop would soon be taken over, and changed forever, by their crew. Two years later we realized he had been talking about the Wu-Tang Clan.
' I knew I had this tape somewhere. Thanks to my husband Serg finding it, it's here for all to enjoy.

- ' By Dj Stef'

Found & Compiled by Dark 7 Invader (Wu-International)

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