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Friday, August 3, 2012

RZA & Odd Future: Earl Sweatshirt Scores RZA Verse For Solo Album

The members of Odd Future possess witty and unpredictable talent, much like the Wu-Tang Clan, whom they are at times compared to. So the fact that the RZA is dropping a guest verse on Earl Sweatshirt's upcoming album shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, even if the subject matter is.
"Dude, RZA dropped an eight-minute, 32-second based freestyle the other day that started off with him talking about a purse. It was so tight," Earl revealed when he, Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats and Jasper Dolphin swung through the MTV Newsroom on July 25. "And it was not just any purse; it was his purse."

The news even took Tyler by surprise. "RZA has a f---in' purse?" he questioned while laughing.
"I am not playin'," Earl confirmed. "When the song comes out, I'm gonna do hashtag #RZAsPurse."

 Now Earl is back in the fold and working on his own solo LP. The nimble-tongued lyricist didn't give too many details about the project but was confident the RZA would appear, even if he isn't going to use the entire eight-minute verse. "I'm not gonna use the whole thing. I just chopped it up," he said.


  1. better respect the WU way ! , the RZA is the man , gotta respect him in so many ways .
    i read all 3 of his books!
    odd future should really respect the wu-tang , their lucky to even be compared to the great wu-tang clan .

  2. As Meth said: "Even I would not want to be compared with the (mighty) Wu Tang Clan!!"

  3. OFWGKTA are my buddies! my uncle is their manager :)

    1. YOUR UNCLE'S CLANCY? I am so jealous I bet hes dope

  4. I like them, but to be compared to Wu Tang ? .... Let's see.

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    very nice blog!I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular.See u.

  6. I really dig Odd Future. A real breath of fresh air in hiphop music, that isnt obscure as fuck, but to be compared to Wu Tang Clan, so soon. Give em a few years still, which isnt an issue as Tyler still has a couple years till hell be the same age RZA was when 36 Chambers came out...:)

  7. Btw I 've started making old Wu tang mixes , prefer this drum kit
    what do u think is it a good choice?