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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raekwon teases collaborative album with Nas

Nas and Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon still stand as two of New York’s greatest rappers, and unlike many of their peers, they’re still on form today.

But could a collaborative album between the two be in the works? The pair have teamed up in the past, and in a new interview with XXL, Raekwon teases the idea of a full joint album pretty hard.

“Whatever Nas wants, that’s my nigga,” the Chef explains. “As far as an album? We talked about that—Me and Nas sat down like real niggas like, ‘Yo, wassup! We need to do that!’ If everybody want that and me and him be able to sit in a room and business is correct and we both respecting what it is, I’m down. He know how I get down. My clips is loaded. It’ll be a rhyming album, I know that, but whatever. That’s a good friend of mine so, whatever.”

“He’s a revolutionary such as myself and I look up to him and he looks up to me. He tells me this like, ‘Yo son, you like one of my only true friends.’ So it feels good to cover that department with a brother. Like a lot of relationships I have with artists, it ain’t just music. It’s brotherhood, it’s that respect we carry when we see each other and it’s always like that.”

Now, we know this sort of chat gets thrown around willy-nilly in the world of hip-hop – it wasn’t long ago that Raekwon was speculating about an entire album in collaboration with 9th Wonder, after all – but with Nas on his most flame-throwing form in years (you’ve heard ‘The Don’, right?), maybe he’s in the mood to put in double the amount of time in the studio. His new solo album, Life is Good, is scheduled for a July release either way.

How many Wu Disciples want to see a Nas and Raekwon joint album? 

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