The Saga Continues

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raekwon: "A Pinebox Story" (Video)

In his new video, Raekwon hangs in a basement smoking blunts and letting his champagne chill in an orange cooler. Sounds normal enough until you realize that the song's called "A Pinebox Story" and the Chef and his boys are dealing with a dead body whose situation is told through the Wu-Tang member's song.

The track is produced by  9th Wonder, who cuts the vocal sample in such a way that sounds like a person choking up. Definitely a standout from Rae's latest mixtape, Unexpected Victory, which you can pick up if you haven't yet. Watch the "Pinebox" video above.


  1. Liking the Bears hoodie SON!! Chicago represent!!

  2. Alwyaz been a fan of Reakwon along with the "whole" Wu-Tang family. This a hood story which most who are actually out here can feel or relate to? These dudes have always brought street discipline and rules to the game spoken through the art of hip-hop, and to me this is just another one to soak up and understand the "underlined" meaning of that pine box...truly ill word play!!

  3. I'm sure they dye wallabies in the nearby garage