The Saga Continues

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ghostface Killah releasing limited edition skateboard decks + t-shirts

Teaming with renowned Marvel comics artist Mike del Mundo, Ghost will be releasing a limited edition skate deck, t-shirt and tank top emblazoned with del Mundo’s masterful artwork exclusively through the MC’s GFK Brand. “The God chose to use his super alias Ironman Tony Starks who picked up Marvel artist Mike del Mundo to muster up a dynamic image true to his core and one that cats from all genres will recognize,” reads a statement on the GFK Brand website.

“This is for my REAL peoples down with that boom bap, kick flip sh!t. Cop it to skate it, or hang that up beside your favorite calendar – sh!t is ill. Word is bond.” Long considered one of the most uniquely stylish figures in the rap game, Ghost’s foray into the skate fashion world is as fly as those familiar with the MC would expect. Del Mundo has given life to Ghost’s famous avenging eagle armpiece (that thing is too big to be called a simple “bracelet”), creating a design that sees the bird returning to his perch on the masked MC’s awaiting arm. The special Ghost goods are available for pre-sale through June 5.


  1. Where am I supposed to buy these at? The Wu Store Link is down...

    Is this even the official blog?

  2. The decks are available for pre-order on the gfk website. Are the shirts gonna be available by themself though? Idc whether it's the tee or tank, i need one.

  3. This is cool as the T-shirt and skate board is looking too good.