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Monday, March 19, 2012

Solomon Childs - Red Heron: Wall Street Hustle [WuMinati Series #3]

Last week our Wuminati investigation lead us West, towards Brown Dracula’s castle, prior to that we checked down South with the Kingpin, Napoleon. This week, we pick up our travels directing us to the East and the third character of the Illuminati Network crew: Red Heroin aka Solomon Childs, and perhaps next week we can catch up with the last physical member of the group Shaka Amazulu the 7th.

Solomon Childs’ name been familiar with a lot of Wu fans since 1998. That year Childs, or Killa Bamz as he used to call himself back then, got the chance to shine along Cappadonna on his debut album ‘The Pillage” , appearing on the album’s title track and two others. His crispy voice and heartfelt delivery immediately made him a name to remember and keep track of. Since then this young and hungry MC has released a constant stream of mixtapes and street albums through Chambermusik, joined Ghostface Killah for his Theodore Unit project/album, later forming his own unit; KMG, and became a highly requested featuring artist on songs and albums from many artists and crews worldwide, in or out the Wu-Tang. In fact it’s safe to say you could easily fill a few compilation albums with just his features, let alone his own material he released the past 15 years.

First interview ever at Wu-International unlike his Wuminati peers, we are pleased to use this opportunity of our series to bring you a long overdue interview with one of the original Killa Beez from Wu’s Golden Era covering his past, present and near future. What is his role in the Wuminati saga? Time to find out, no Brown Sugar this time. It’s time for Young Wu-Tang, aka Red Heroin, Enjoy !!!

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