The Saga Continues

Monday, March 19, 2012

The RZA Digitalizes His 90's Tapes

According to a reliable source and student of RZA, The Abbott has recently digitalized all or some of his tapes from the 90s, and some of the highlights from his archives are 6 unreleased songs from "Enter The 36 Chambers (Dirty Versions)", Lets hope these songs see the light of the day on upcoming releases.

Wudisciples, how many of you would like to see these songs released?


  1. Timeless music...looking forward to the "90" tapes"...peace and blessings....

  2. Peace to da god!! Now drop them analog darts u dusted off on us!!

  3. I think it’s a good way to promote his old music. Since most of the new music is already digitalized and it’s a good idea to remain competitive during this time.