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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raekwon: "Our Solo Careers Hurt The Wu-Tang Clan"

Raekwon reflects on his career with Wu-Tang and how branching out into solo careers took away from the group.

Wu disciples, do you think the solo careers of the members hurt Wu-Tang as a whole??
What do you think?


  1. The sum is always greater than the whole of its parts -- it's synergy; unchanging -- but never let that detract from your own personal growth as MC's. The universe tends to unfold as it should. Lets just hope that the Universe is a Killa' Bee who'd like to see some more Wu-Tang in the future.

  2. nah i dont think solo careers of the members hurt Wu-Tang because the W is a bigmouvement biggeer then all talk and tha yap yap ya know wa m saying, the W memebers are always together if not physicly then mentally and spirituelly they are together iight , they are happy when they see and listen to others memeber made solo because thats is an extention to the W mouvement iight R.I.P old dirty bastard , One.

  3. The first round (meth/dirty/gza/rae/ghost) all were classics featuring wu mcs and rza production. Each of those early solo efforts (and some of the later ones-supreme clientele, no said date) was like a Wu cd featuring the style of one individual MC. LAter projects had less RZA production and fewer guest Wu MCs and in my opinion were not as strong individually.

  4. Rza's vision was a five year plan, he fulfilled that and chess boxed all of hiphop, wu was on every label. faith needs to be reinvested and it wasn't. so mos def the wu is stronger as a whole. but nevertheless, wutang slang changed the whole game. even individually, these emcees are some of the most prolific

  5. I can see how Rae would think that, but at some point artists have to find themselves. u can't spend ur entire life leaning on ur crew.