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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bronze Nazareth Talks About His Debut Experience With The RZA

A Day To God Is A 1000 Years (from RZA’s “Birth Of A Prince”): Produced by Bronze Nazareth

2003...I was out in New York that summer. So I would chill all days and meet Rza and crew at 36 Chambers at night. I would spend most of the day observing, and soon as we got to Rza's sessions, he ran thru a bunch of beats and as soon as he heard “Day to God”, he wanted it. I tracked it out as he dabbled in his notebook. Choco Reynoso set it up to record and I watched as Rza laid the vocals. Maybe it was because it was my production but I was thinking this was some of the best RZA shit in years...he didn't spend a lot of time on it, he kinda spit it a couple times and it was done. Then we moved onto “The birth”. That's a song I'm super proud of and grateful to have been my debut.

- Bronze Nazareth


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