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Friday, January 6, 2012

Popa Wu aka Freedom Allah - The 5% Interview

Happy Wu Year! Setting this year off with a bang is the long overdue Popa Wu interview the fans have been requesting. If anyone can say he’s known the Wu Tang Clan from day one, then it’s Popa Wu. If anyone can say he’s part of the Wu fam literally … again it’s Popa Wu, being family to about half of the Generals and a number of Killa Beez, Popa Wu is considered a father figure by all. Popa Wu was commercially introduced to the world on Raekwon’s "North Star" in ’95 and on Ghostface Killah’s "All That I Got Is You" in ’96. On these contributions we already heard hints of the man’s influence on the Clan members and of his 5% teachings, but it was only on “Wu-Tang Foreverr” we fully got an idea of how much the Generals appreciated the man and esteemed his lessons as they asked him to do the intro on this album: "Wu-Revolution", a 7 minutes long RZA beat solely built for Popa Wu to aim his wisdom to the youth with an ear for all things Wu, filled with 5% teachings and terminology.

Since then he went on numerous tours with the Clan, released a compilation album titled “Visions of the 10th Chamber” in 2000 where he introduced the world to his own chambers within the Wu followed by a second installment later on in 2008. He has been featured on countless albums from Wu-Tang Clan members, affilaites as well as other artists, such as Masta Killa's second LP “Made In Brooklyn”, Lord Jamar’s (Brand Nubian) “The 5% Album” and laced "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II...” seamlessly with Rae’s classic OBFCL on its intro "Return of the North Star”.

There have been recent talks of a Popa Wu DVD, The 5% Story which is a documentary film that explores the life of a man who has existed behind the shadows, yet has been a pivotal influence to the greatest and most far reaching rap group of all time: The Wu-Tang Clan. There seems to be a lot on the plate for 2012, he mentioned he was planning on publishing a book on the public premiere of “Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang in NYC” some time back, he is also working on a number of projects musically as well as the much talked about Ol' Dirty Bastard movie.

With all this in mind and curious on what is still to come from one of the most influential character in the Wu camp, Wu-International had the honor and privilege to talk to and learn from Freedom Allah aka Popa Wu.. Enjoy!

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