The Saga Continues

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Young Dirty Bastard

Brooklyn Born, Barson Unique Jones, known to us as “Boy Jones” is a breath of fresh air for all the Hip Hop heads who are exhausted from the, “My Clothes, My Car, & My Gangsta” reteric that has presently flooded the airwaves. Boy Jones has a high energy freestyle and just as his Middle name suggests Barson Exhibits a Unique flow and an unorthodox writing style. 

Jones grew up absorbing the heat from a fire kindled by Nine Legendary Hip Hop Emcees; one of them being his father, Russel Jones, also known as ODB and his cousin the Rza of Wu Tang Clan. He grew up marinating in the well seasoned sound of the Multiplatinum Supergroup and deadly melodies of the Rza. Jones says an additional influence in his art comes from the late Rick James. 

At the age of nine, Jones had Mostly been an admirer of the Music being created by his family until one day his father called him to perform his verses in “Shimmy Shimmy ya”, on the world famous Apollo stage in Harlem. From then on he always felt an urge to perform. His father thought he was just playing games when he would ask to go in the booth to record and always responded with, “You cant Rap”. So Barson formed a group with a friend called, “Bang Out” at the age of sixteen and began to further develop his writing and performance level. Rza affected by his willingness and youthful determination finally decided to give him a shot in the booth. That trial effort gained Boy Jones the official stamp of approval as it was recorded and later released on a Wu Tang Production. 

Since then Boy Jones has been featured on Lord Jamars, “5 Percent” album; Rza’s soundtrack for, “The Protector” and “Afro Samurai”. Jones has also created a Buzz that inspired XXL to feature him as a new artist worth checking out and BET to request an interview on the red carpet during its recent Award Ceremonies. Jones has performed on several tours and entertained crowds of up to 70,000 fans during “Rock the Bells” with Wu Tang. He was recently signed by the Rza under the Wu Music Group label and is working on his first Solo project.


  1. Man I've been a big fan of the Wu and look forward to hearing YDB's solo effort and plus if its commin from the Clan we shouldn't have to worry about it sounding killah

  2. Can't wait, if he is half as good as his pops, then it is on. He looks just like ODB!!! STOKED on the reals!!

  3. the WU has always kept it real...YDB gotta do him nd not do ODB...but if his style goes well with him then its on..otherwise it mite jst make ODB look bad..get it?


  5. rhetoric is misspelled. I sure hope YDB reveals everybody and changes the laws. His dad was a true artist of the twentieth century like Dali, Hendrix, Hesse, and Marvin Pontiac.