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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wu Wisdom: Breaking our negative habits:

Breaking our negative habits:

Breaking our negative habits: how to motivate yourself positively if you want to have a more positive life experience you must be convinced that any change you make will bring about the gratification of a particular need or desire. Positive self motivation begins with changing your awareness to make a constructive change, you must elevate the potential benefits of any given action then you must convince yourself that the benefit will justify or outweigh the price you have to pay in achieving your new positive habits. Others may inspire or even threaten you to make a change, but it is you who must motivate yourself by means of "profit and loss" comparison. To some degree, you have been doing this for your life only now can you make certain that the process will work for instead of against you. You will find it most helpful to cultivate the use of two familiar but often neglected words: wise and unwise. All your actions and the actions of others should be viewed as either wise or unwise. Nothing should be judged as "good or bad" "fair or unfair" right or wrong. They are only moral judgments based on your present awareness or the collective awareness of society.


  1. true true. i've also taken 'trying' out of my vocabulary; to me there's either youre doing or you aint. as far as wise and unwise goes i take the fact that i'm alive into my concern. if im alive then my future exist and everything i do can be beneficial to or inhibit my future. if i dont care about my future, im killing it, im doing nothing, maybe even hurting the future of those around me. either way as long as i breath i have a future, its inescapable. so if i live in wisdom, i live in the pursuit of truth and truth is as permanent as the earth. truth leads to revolutions which will lead to symbiosis of all things living and with that the evolution of all minds will continue.

  2. @ wu disciples I agree with everything you said. I struggle with the same obstacles in my life. I am overcoming those obstacles with the same wisdom you speak of.