The Saga Continues

Friday, August 22, 2014

RZA ALS Ice Bucket Challege

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  1. Replies

      there you go

    2. Methodman did it. It's on the bottom post of the page.

  2. wu tang world wide love from Ghana Loved this...

  3. this is the stultification of our society and wu-tang is a part of it. shame on you all. one bucket of this valuable element could safe a day for a poor family and you fucking stubid guys just wast it for a god damn joke...
    i don't want to live on this planet any more.
    shame on all people who is supporting this machinery!
    wake up you blinded people of this society!!!

    1. Firstly, water is not an element. Secondly, raising awareness and money for charity is a pretty decent way to use a bucket of water. Thirdly, the water will evaporate and eventually fall again as rain anyway. So, yeah... maybe tone down the moral outrage and lighten up.

    2. U dnt want to b on this planet, so what are u doing about it.. you just talk

    3. kill yourself

  4. Go to school and learn you teenager idiots or look in your fucking smart phones. Water is an element and i know that the water is evaporating but will not fall in a cup of an hungry child...
    And if somebody wants to donate some money than please do it without wasting water!