The Saga Continues

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wu Mami's Tuesday # 31: Happy Wu-Mami Year!

Every Tuesdays we will post up pictures of Wu Mami's representing Wu in any shape, form or fashion all over the world. Please feel free to email us your pictures here @, Thanks to the Wu mami's who have sent in pictures so far. 


Happy Wu Year!!!


  1. the second one is too cute!

  2. I didn't realize there were so many females that like Wu-Tang Clan. I've been a Wu fan since the Protect Ya Neck single came out on cassette. I wish I could meet a female that loves Wu-Tang and hardcore hip hop as much as I do. Where I live all they wanna listen to is R&B including my GF. Can somebody say "gag". I can stomach it in small doses but I really don't wanna hear that shit unless it's old school R&B from the 80's or Sade or something. I'm just curious, I wanna know what Wu-Tang albums you ladies like the most. I know my favorites but I'm interested to know what ya'll like cause like I said I don't meet any females that listen to Wu-Tang or real hip hop period. If you're wearing Wu wear then you're obviously a fan. I'm feeling mami in the white shirt with the pink Wu emblem. So hit me up at Peace!

  3. 4 n 8, fine wu mamis