The Saga Continues

Saturday, January 26, 2013

ODB (RIP) on Women.


  1. I would like understand what he's saying exatly .. R.I.P ODB (from france)

  2. Rest in Peace ODB/Of The Almighty ”Wu Tang clan”

  3. God damn. ODB is one of a kind. Everybody fucking loves this guy I don' know one wutang fan who doesn't

  4. "Dirt Dog be bouncin on bitches like fog
    I pollute the air up like smog, bitch
    I'm up my jacuzzi, peepin this smoothie
    My bitch is a floozy, Dirt Dog ain't choosy
    Pussy move me, pretty black dick up in the booty
    I like it muddy or swampy
    By now you find your ass up shitty creeky..." LOVE You Ol' Cyrus from the bottom of my heart! I even named my Dog after You, Joe Bannanas ♥♪♫