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Friday, January 4, 2013

Power Friday: Wu-Tang Brand Ltd Previews Winter 2012 Lookbook

Video directed by POWER.

Wutang Brand Ltd. is bringing you their latest looks for Winter. Paying homage to the great city of New York, and also fixating on Americana roots, the new collection features the custom Wu Tiger Style camo zip up and sweatpants.
The line can be found on and select retailers throughout the country. Can we get a "suuuu!" from all you stylish Wu-Tang Clan fans out there?


  1. Very good job Power! I try to live like not a consumer, so I thought I won't feel better having a "made in China" quality shit with the W logo, 'cause Wu is inside me... And now I'm browsing for WuWear since 3 hours...Got to have it!!!" It was really nice job to get me:)

  2. The video don't work

  3. Uh? Yes, Ima get tha camo back pack. Hey, keep broadcasting some on Facebook. We wont know here in South Carolina unless you do. Thanks.

  4. PLEASE bring back The Long Yard aka "Ghostface Shoe." It was the dopest wallaby ever! I need a brown pair in 10.5

  5. Yes I agree please Bring back The LongYard Shoe

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  7. Nowadays you can make graphic Tee's at home on my computer.

    They need to brink back these 3 shoes:
    Wu-Long Yard
    Wu Wallabees
    Wu Deville Low