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Friday, December 7, 2012

Man With The Iron Fist Built For This Remix Update

We narrowed down the Top 10 Remixes for "Built For This" Remix Contest from The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack hosted by Winner to be announced soon for a big $10,000 prize package.

The contest had 1000's of fan try and 700 accepted official entries and these are the top ten. Rza is judging the final 10 contestants based on certain criteria which include originality of beat arrangement + vocal enhancement and song potential longevity that a re mix adds.
The below list of contestant excelled in these categories. The order does not reflect the talent level.

1. DJ Cider
2. DJ Creon
3. DJ Zel
4. Ńemy
5. Pawko
6. Shash’U
7. SoDrumatic
8. Spezial
9. Stigmath
10.The Architek

These contestant are from different parts of the globe and all have good production skill. A final decision will be made in time for the holidays.

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