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Friday, December 14, 2012

David Choe x RZA & Sandy Benefit Show in LA

David Choe has teamed up with hip-hop legend and activist, RZA, for a special collaboration to benefit relief efforts for Superstorm Sandy. The collab is part of the charity exhibition, The Gift Show, being held at the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles opening this Saturday, December 15. There will be 10 prints, sold during the opening this Saturday. Other artists include Sage Vaughn, Mark Mothersbaugh, Blek le Rat, and others.

“The Gift Show” opens, Saturday, December 15th, 7-10pm. The opening will showcase original artwork, prints, signed memorabilia, test pressings, and limited edition clothing, accessories, and collectables, with all sales going directly to charity. The reception is all ages, and open to the public with RSVP at

 Text and images via Juxtapoz Magazine


  1. Hello,May I ask RZA some questions?I am your fans from China Please pardon my terrible english

    which kongfu film is your favorite?And who is your favorite kongfu movie star?

    Do you have any plan about your next movie?

    1. hello, u can find his kungfu film favorite to the wutang kung fu films collections,r:20,s:100,i:64

  2. Bong bong! Im in ct... big thanks for the support. I want to write songs with rza and gamble with david!

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