The Saga Continues

Monday, March 18, 2013

Beretta 9 aka Kinetic Presents - The Great Conjunction Free Mixtape

Wu-tang clan brand killarmy member kinetic 9 (formerly known as beretta9) lyrical dexterity returns to the hip-hop scene with the release of the "the great conjunction" mixtape.

Kinetic 9, who has been trail running in an admirable way. Since launching a budding acting career, kinetic 9's boldness, powerful. Talent, blazin shared vision, and numerous accolades extends to the packaging of "the great conjunction", which is a vibrant takeoff of lyrical punch and memorable swaggered beats, which contains a production feature by killarmy's own 4th disciple. Organically cultivating a path following of domestically and internationally, kinetic 9 transcends the usual paint by numbers hip hop street rappers of the day, creating an honest and fresh sonic adventure on every track.

Looking to stand out in the concrete jungle of hip-hop, kinetic 9's electric timeless approach has left him with a steady buzz growing rapidly as his sounds reaches larger outlets. With notable mentions from all hip-hop, dj booth,  and hip-hop early, kinetic 9 has a striking variety of appeal; hoping to expand such alluring likability with the release of his new music.