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Friday, December 9, 2016

WATCH: Marc Lamont Hill Compares Ben Carson to Wu-Tang Clan's "GHOSTFACE KILLAH"

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill used a unique Wu-Tang analogy to explain why Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is a terrible idea.

Dr. Hill was holding down his pundit duties on CNN Monday after Carson was nominated to become the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Of course, the Trump supporters joining him on the panel attempted to find reasons why putting Carson in this position, despite having absolutely no experience running a bureau, was a good idea.

“He’s a good leader” was among one of the main reasons why.

That’s when Dr. Hill went Hip-Hop on them to break it down.

“Leadership skills are not transferrable,” he said. “Ghostface Killah is the leader of Wu-Tang Clan, LeBron James is the leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That doesn’t mean that they should be the leader of Housing and Urban Development.”

The panel began to chuckle afterwards as Dr. Hill continued his spill highlighting that even Carson himself has said his inexperienced for the job.

Kudos to Dr. Hill for being aware of the current status of the Wu. While RZA has always been the leader and chief producer of the crew, he recently handed the reins over to Ghostface to executive produce the next Wu-Tang album.

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