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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Premiere: Method Man Wrote a 'Ghost Rider' Christmas Comic For Marvel

While the intersection of hip-hop and comic books for many lovers of both scenes has been executed perfectly through Marvel's collection of Hip-Hop Variants, it's deeper than that. There's an influence that Marvel (and comic books in general) has had on the lyricists that we've loved for years. Remember when the Wu-Tang Clan decided to give themselves new aliases around the time Raekwon dropped the purple tape? Most of the members chose names that sound like lost Goodfellas characters, but two of the members went straight to Marvel: Ghostface Killah became Tony Starks (bka Iron Man, which ultimately earned him a cameo in the first Iron Man film), and Method Man became Johnny Blaze, who at the time was known in the Marvel universe as the Ghost Rider. How fitting is it that two decades later the comic book head (who also had a cameo in Netflix's Luke Cage) ends up penning his very own Ghost Rider story in Marvel's new Ghost Rider X-mas Special?!



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