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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Key & Peele On Wu-Tang Clan

Speaking of Method Man, the duo tells us that their Wu-Tang Clan influence growing up helped diversify their content even in the present day.

"What I love about Wu-Tang Clan is their image was 'scary,' Peele says before laughing at the notion of dudes with "masks and machetes walking around New York City."

"In the core of the reality is they're geeks just like us," he continued. "They like kung-fu movies. They like comic books. They're not murderers."

Key couldn't agree more, chiming in with "If you talked to the RZA for an half-of-hour, you'd realize he's more of a nerd than you are. But to be that brilliant, you have to be obsessed with something. He's a renaissance man! That nigga is Leonardo da Vinci! Because he gives so much unabashedly passion to the things he cares about. That's what Jordan is saying. You need that dichotomy; that juxtaposition that shows everybody is a nerd of something!"


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