The Saga Continues

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dr. Zodiak Unites With Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest For Wu Goo

After the success of Kurupt’s Moonrock, Dr. Zodiak reached out to the person who introduced him to Kurupt for another weed venture. Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Killah Priest introduced the pair back in 2011. In January, Killah Priest, Ghostface Killah and Dr. Zodiak announced their Wu Goo line of products.

Wu Goo is for smokers who don’t want to light up in a bong or a pipe.

“It’s for the people that want that discreetness and that want something that’s also powerful, but they don’t want to smoke something out of a pipe or a bong,” Dr. Zodiak says. "They want to pull it out of their purse or their pocket and nobody knows what they’re smoking, or they’ll think they’re vaping.”

"It’s just hash oil with THC, but we’re just concentrating on the vape pens,” Killah Priest says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "You’re going to be able to get it at all dispensaries and we’ll get it to the rest of the East Coast. It’s going really good. I can’t tell you much on it. I tell you one thing: when it hits, you won’t quit."

The smoke's strawberry, coconut and vanilla mango scents are aromatic, but the affect is anything but light, especially with the Yellow Dynamite pen that is set to drop in a few weeks.

“It’s like taking a hit from a bong,” Dr. Zodiak says. "This pen is going to hit 10 times more than our previous pen, so it’s going to get rid of the need for people to use a bong when they can have a device in the palm of their hand and get a super-big blast.

“People are going to hit it and their head’s going to explode,” he adds. "That’s going to be the Instagram video that we're going to put out. All the celebrities are going to hit it. Then their head’s going to explode.”

Growing up in Lynwood, California and later the East Side of Los Angeles, Dr. Zodiak has seen his business explode. He studied film and minored in marketing at California State University, Los Angeles. He got his BA and teamed up with Michael Lynch from Felony Fights and met Killah Priest.

Now, he works with Golden Boy Boxing, Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins, and is planning a festival in August at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena that will feature camping, a carnival and music performances. He says it will also be the first weed festival in Los Angeles where people will be able to smoke.

“I’m doing what I love and that’s the best part about it,” Dr. Zodiak says. "I’ve been doing what I love, but the bread’s finally kicking in."