The Saga Continues

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wu-Tat Thursday #81

Every Thursday we will be posting up pics of Wu-Tang tats from fans, artists and aliens. If you have Tattoos that you would like to share, please email us at


I think when someone gets a Wu tattoo they are showing the greatest respect and homage to the music work and words of Wu-Tang, bong! - The RZA


  1. I'm So thrilled I got posted yo! Holdin' it down 4eva.

  2. Fucking love the kills bee and the honeycomb one looks so defined.! Gotta love our real wu-heads!

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  4. I've had that Killa Bee for bout 7 years , Before people were getting em cuz of Wu Tat Thurs.....3 of my crew have the same one, I've been rockin Wu since 36 , Tical, Purple TAPE lol, Gza,,Ironman, Bobby Digital , But That's What You Get When Wu Tang Raised You...