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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RZA to Star in Fox Cop Show "Gang Related"

Though RZA has been featured on a few TV shows in the recent past-- "Californication", "Afro Samurai", the extremely short-lived "Outlaw"-- he's never been cast in a starring role. That'll change soon, as FACT reports. He'll star as a San Francisco cop in the upcoming Fox TV series "Gang Related".
He'll play the lead character's partner, Cassius. Here's his very specific character motive via The Hollywood Reporter: "He decided to become a cop after the object of his affection was gunned down. The community's ambivalence toward her death drives him to seek justice in a world that seems to have stopped caring."
The pilot will be written by Chris Morgan, aka the dude who wrote some of the Fast & Furious movies.

Watch a recent interview with RZA:


  1. Does this mean the new album will be pushed back, date wise?

  2. woww !!! after the music wu is on ur tv !!! yeah !