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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WuMinati Series (Interviews) with Solomon Childs, Dexter Wiggle, Napoleon (Wu-Syndicate) & Shaka Amazulu the 7th.

Let’s take it back to 1993 aka Wu Tang’s Big Bang year: faster than anyone could have predicted this swordstyle themed hip hop style took over the streets. Kung Fu was the obvious main influence on Wu Tang Clan’s “36 Chambers” debut and one of the intriguing novelties this crew had to offer the world. Pretty soon others emerged, especially the comics influences, just think of Ghostface’s Ironman persona, Meth aka the Ghost Rider, RZA’s Bobby Digital superhero alter ego or recently the comic themed covers for the Wu Massacre project and off course the many comic references in the vast Wu Catalogue.
Most comics bring the story of a superhero with superpowers fighting the evil forces out there. But sometimes one superhero isn’t enough to get rid of all the Negative Forces this (and other) world(s) have to offer so an alliance or a pact between powerful men comes to be: the X-Men, the Marvel Family or the Avengers come to mind to name just a few …
So, with our beloved and treasured art form Hip Hop being molested by The Business Men with only the mighty Dollar on their mind … is it really a wonder somewhere deep down underground some cats from all sides (East, South and West part of America stretching internationally to Europe) joined forces to bring Hip Hop back where it once belonged? And should it really be a surprise those cats emerged out of the immense Wu Family? Following or rather borrowing a similar concept as the marvel comic “Illuminati ”, the project is structured around these MCs from different locations, affiliations and clicks working secretly together under different personas to maintain or save an art form lost in hip-hop while keeping that Wu tradition.

Last year already gave you a small sign of things to come as we put this cover for an upcoming project in our album list from a crew intriguingly called “Illuminati Network aka Wuminati”, shortly followed by a snippet (featuring Holocaust and Pro the Leader from American Poets 2099) leaked through Wu-International. This snippet already revealed some of the artists involved: Napoleon (Wu-Syndicate), Solomon Childs (see Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Wu Music Group and Theodore Unit), Dexter Wiggles (from the West Coast Killa Bee camp) and UK’s mystery MC/producer Shaka Amazulu the 7th as the driving force behind this whole project. Not alone did curious fans discover who was involved through this snippet, it also immediately showed the Wuminati modus operandi to rid Hip Hop from its Evil Overtakers: quality music, 4 (or is it 5?) talented members and an all-star Wu guest list on the features (to give you an idea: basically think of any dope MC you can name in the Wu-niverse).

Now, after a long time, our wait has almost come to an end as from this week on Wu-International will run a Wuminati-series the whole of February to shine some more light on this promising project for which 3 (three!) volumes have already been announced to be released (hopefully) soon. So come with us as we will join forces one by one with Napoleon as Da Kingpin with da Inkpen, Dexter Wiggle as Brown Dracula and Solomon Childs as Red Heroin, three of this crew’s superhero characters on their quest for the Illuminati Network plus try to put the spots on the enigmatic but hard to reach brain behind the Wuminati: Shaka Amazulu the 7th (as Black Stone of Mecca). In the meantime, take a good look at the front page, listen to the accompanying snippet mix (featuring amongst others Popa Wu and Timbo King) or check out the first official full track “S.I.N.” on our main page to get an idea of what this promising project has to offer. The first interview will be posted tomorrow and followed subsequentally after each other every week, Be ready for the emerging Wu World Order!!!

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