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Friday, February 17, 2012

Method Man Gives Advice To Bobbi Kristina

Legendary rapper, Wu Tang Clan's Method Man, has been making amazing music for the past 20 years, and after releasing countless albums, Method decided to conquer the world of acting.

Method Man has transitioned into the world of acting quite nicely, and he's recently taken a step back from the big budget Hollywood movies to experience the creativity of independent films.

Method Man is the star of the independent film The Mortician, which follows the life of a man who lost his mother as a child.

Unfortunately, his character never got the chance to grieve his mother's death, and eventually grew up to be a cold emotionless mortician.

GlobalGrind spoke with Method Man about his acting career, his new movie The Mortician, and got his thoughts about the untimely death of legendary Whitney Houston.

Check out the exclusive interview below!

As you know, music has lost a legend, Whitney Houston. Your character in the movie lost his mother at a young age. If you could give any advice to Bobbi Kristina about dealing with her mother’s death, what would you say?

I would give a little advice to the media, they need to leave them alone and let them grieve for their loved ones, man. She was a public figure, but in the same breath she’s a human being with a family. The baby girl is traumatized right now and she’s not getting the proper respect that she should have when her mother passed away.

I think that the media put a horrible spin on it, especially the New York Daily News, which on the front page read, “died broke.” What does that have to do with the legend that was Whitney Houston?

Honestly. Are we judged by how much money we make or how many lives we touch?

There’s nothing I can honestly say to that young girl to make her feel any better because I haven’t lost any one of my parents. But I lost friends, loved ones in the past and I know, when you want that private moment, you don’t need anybody else butting in.

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