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Monday, December 5, 2011

Kinetic (Killarmy) Working On The Movie Soundtrack "Formless" / The Art of Marrese Crump

Kinetic (He has decided to drop the "9") recently dropped a new track entitled "Rebel Rowser" featuring his Killarmy brethren Shogun Assassin and is featured on this latest video "The Art Of Marrese Crump - Vol. 1: Paradigm Shift (Teaser)". With music produced by Kinetic and video shot and directed by Anesti Vega of Maluco Studios, The Paradigm Shift is a fundamental change in approach or acceptance by the majority of a belief, attitude or methodology, and The Art Of Marrese Crump is a multi-volume documentary video series outlining the training and philosophy of a dedicated martial artist.
The track itself will be available on iTunes very soon.

As covered on a recent Interview with Kinetic by Wu-International, it was quite apparent that he has been keeping busy with numerous projects, as well as moving up into bigger and major things recently, We covered his current collaboration with European rapper Iron Kap but have just also discovered that Kinetic will be fully producing the soundtrack to the movie "Formless", a martial arts movie starring Marrese Crump.

Marrese Crump is a world renowned martial artist, a close friend and associate to Wu-Tang own's RZA, Marrese was RZA's martial arts double in his upcoming movie "The Man with the Iron Fists".

Marrese and Anesti Vega of Maluco Studios have in store plans to do more collaborations with The RZA and Kinetic based around the "Real Martial Arts Real Hip-Hop" concept. Stay tuned to this site for further and future updates.

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