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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fresh From The Mogue Experience With The RZA & Bronze Nazareth

Fresh From The Morgue: ft. The RZA

Bronzeman and The Rza....I sent Rza “Farewell”, to get a story type joint going but he said ‘send a few more’, so I sent this “Fresh from the morgue” beat. I had the hook and my verses on it already. Had to wait awhile, but that's my dude and he got it to me on some Bobby Steels shit! I was in NY, and checked my e-mail a day after recording Masta Killa, and there was the Rza vocals.

He even started his verse with the Bobby Steels shit! Upon further listen I noticed he added the “Bob is ill ill ill Bronze is ill”. I was bouncing around the room when I heard it. That's a good look for the legend to call you ill on your album. So that was big. One of my favorites on the album.

By Bronze Nazareth

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