The Saga Continues

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wu Tang meets Hendix

Do you want to design the cover for Wu Tang vs Jimi Hendrix by Tom Caruana? Email designs to The winner will be selected by the end of May and will recieve worldwide exposure.


  1. yo you say people bout to win all shit then dont post back about it.

    whats that about?

    5000 tracks get sent in to you and i never saw anyones name.

    and i never saw a winner for the frank vincent contest.

    so i dunno if i would even send stuff in anymore.

    i mean,
    "worldwide exposure" is so promising.

    i hope the artist gets that exposure in the long run.

    peace and respect to The Real W.U.T.A.N.G.

  2. Word.. I'm not sure about this blog.. no answers, no results. Nothing.. and in the event that this blog is fake, I wouldn't be giving away any ideas/material..keep ya sword sharp.


  3. dont ya waste time on this prank....