The Saga Continues

Friday, July 13, 2018

Prince Paul Explains Why He’s Bothered By 1 Important Gravediggaz Credit

Prince Paul was a founding member of The Gravediggaz. At a time when he was still very active in producing De La Soul records, the Long Island, New Yorker assembled a quartet with Stetsasonic band-mate Frukwan (aka “The Gatekeeper”), as well as onetime Tommy Boy Records label-mate Poetic (aka “The Grym Reaper”) and Wu-Tang Clan’s Abbott, The RZA (aka “The RZArector”). Paul assumed the alias “The Undataker” and would eventually help the horrorcore act land a deal with Gee Street Records and find success.

Members of The Gravediggaz have been off and on for more than 20 years. Sadly, member Poetic passed away in 2001. However, the crew is best known for its original lineup, and 1994 debut 6 Feet Deep. Although it was recorded first, the LP was released less than a year after Wu-Tang’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). It entered in the Top 40 and became a hallmark of the horror-core sub-genre. In its history the group had one song enter the charts, “Diary Of A Madman” (embedded below), with production credited to RZA, Prince Paul, and RNS. In a new interview, Prince Paul corrects history.