The Saga Continues

Monday, June 18, 2018

Mashup of some of my all-time favorite cartoon characters, rapping "Protect Ya Neck" by the Wu-Tang Clan. Starring Inspector Gadget as Inspectah Deck, Chef as Raekwon, He-Man as Method Man, Lion-O as U-God, The Joker as ODB, Space Ghost as Ghostface, Splinter as the RZA, and the Brain as the GZA. 
Video by Mylo the Cat aka isthishowyougoviral aka Adam Schleichkorn. 

Big thanks to my subscribers and followers on all platforms. I’ve said it many times, but I don’t make anything off of these ridiculous videos, I just love that they help make people’s day’s a little better for a minute or two. If you don’t like a particular song selection, please remember, I really don’t care! But seriously, if you got a song you want to see mashed up, leave a comment, and I’ll try to make it happen. Like I always say, I read almost every comment on every platform (like a lunatic), and seriously, you peeps make my freakin day. I’m available to edit all sorts of videos and create all sorts of content, contact me - 
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