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Friday, April 20, 2018

Method Man Calls Atlanta The New New York

In addition, the Tical album creator spoke on the breaking down of race and gender barriers in Hip Hop. Meth also addressed modern male Hip Hop stars - like Atlanta's Young Thug- embracing androgyny.

"It’s cool when one person is doing it, and you say, 'OK, that’s his thing,' but then when it becomes a trend…They’re basically doing what rock ‘n’ rollers did with the fingernail-painting, the long hair, jumpin’ in the crowd—they want to be rock stars now. Be that, but don’t call it hip-hop. I think it’s different, but it has its place," said the 47-year-old.

Meth continued, "Would I rather sit there and listen to Rakim at a concert? Probably. I would love to listen to Rakim all day on my radio. But nowadays, if I’m at a concert, I’m gonna see Kendrick, I’m gonna see Rae Sremmurd, I’m gonna see these artists that turn up the way I would be doing if I was makin’ that kind of music."

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