The Saga Continues

Friday, October 27, 2017

Ghostface Killah’s Mighty Healthy Was Inspired By A Divine Force That Brought Wu Together

Earlier this month, Wu-Tang Clan released The Saga Continues. Charting at #15, the album is produced entirely by DJ Mathematics—creator of the Wu logo, and longtime touring mix-master for Method Man as well as Meth & Redman. Originally, in 2016, RZA—who executive produced the project and raps—stated that the next Wu release’s production was in the hands of Ghostface Killah. “He’s been the most prolific—the one that’s really got [his] feet on the ground in music,” RZA told Sway In The Morning less than one year ago. It is unclear what happened between then and now, other than the beats Mathematics made (using some of the same equipment RZA favored in the ’90s) impressed the gods. On Saga…, Ghostface appears on four cuts. He joined RZA and Cappadonna for a recent televised collabo performance with The Roots. However, his history with Queens’ Allah Mathematics runs deep—and alludes to some 30-year-old Wu-Tang history.


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