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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Combines Tech And Hip-Hop For Two-Day Seminar In San Francisco

The San Francisco based nonprofit organization Hip-Hop Chess Federation is hosting a two-day event focused on hip-hop and education.

The nonprofit’s “University In Diversity: Hip-Hop Ed, Art and Technology” will feature community dialog with teachers, rappers, artists and other innovators to inspire local youth, who are seeking to gain an edge in those particular fields.

Topics during the week include “The Hamiltonization of Hip-Hop: Is Commerce Killing The Culture?,” “Science and Hip-Hop: Innovating Beyond The Code,” in addition to several youth led panels.

“In chess all pieces have their own movements,”HHCF founder Adisa Banjoko told “Alone they can do very little. However, united they can achieve amazing things. The same is true in education. We are giving parents and educators a media access to one another so both can find the best tools to get their kids college ready. This is just the beginning.”

Other panelists include Zion I, NBC11 technology anchorman Scott Budman, and hip hop producer Dug Infinite.

For more information on “Unity in Diversity: Hip-Hop-Ed, Art and Technology,” click here.

[via AllHipHop]

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