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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Voice Of Reason: Let’s Talk Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah is a rapper’s rapper
There is no such thing as a Greatest Of All Time rapper. I know we all love to have that debate, because rap is a competitive sport and every rapper worth their salt needs to have that competitive mind state to aim for the number 1 spot, but all it takes is a step back to realize the discussion is pretty ridiculous.

Lyrically, Ghostface Killah never falters. His writing includes the type of out there details that most other rappers lack the imagination for to include, bringing his story telling to life with startling vividness. Coupled with his raw, intense emotional-but-tough, soulful delivery and the many, many styles he has exhibited throughout his musical career, I have no problem placing him on the same level as a Jay-Z or Nas in terms of pure rapping ability. Musically, Ghostface almost never rhymes over a wack beat or participates in wack collaborations. In the later half of his career he has worked with a lot of lesser known – or upcoming – producers, but he’s always selected the best and most fitting arrangements in a recurrent musical theme of old soul with cinematic flair.

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