The Saga Continues

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wu Mamis #143

Every Tuesdays we will post up pictures of Wu Mami's representing Wu in any shape, form or fashion all over the world. Please feel free to email us your pictures here @, Thanks to the Wu mami's who have sent in pictures so far


  1. What's next after 106 & park? I stopped watching but I noticed these fakes these people who lost touch because music after middnight makes sirens/ who's picking up on the way they are labeling products and brainwashing folks I want something new from B.E.T what next/Another new year time keeps ticking and talking where are you going next/r&B mix rap hip-hop techno what have you we need something to take the place of them shows after their demise I like playboy and video gaming just arriving but the dangers of living in a real world scare me/maybe it's space the stuff I want to see happening/If possible let's just wave 106&park goodbye and ask the producer to start the beat perhaps offer an alternative show from a foreign standpoint/America the way your showing rolling around in your beamer benz or bentley meanwhile the banks and big companies take innocent lives for granted America rock and roll it's time we just found a new relationship to write something instead of sitting like it's timeout.