The Saga Continues

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Wu-Tang Forever" Remix? Wu-Tang Clan Finally Reveals What Happened to the Highly-Anticipated Collaboration

Chalk another rap mega-remix up to bad timing. During a recent interview with MTV, a few members of Wu-Tang Clan talked about the remix of Drake's Nothing Was the Same cut, "Wu-Tang Forever," and why it never came to be. During the clip, RZA talked about the song and mentioned that a few members of the group jumped on it, but it ultimately never came together because the group was on tour and the timing wasn't right.

U-God then expressed the same sentiments, but also stated that Drizzy wanted the group to rap about women and things pertaining to that subject matter, but he wasn't feeling in that kind of mood in the short time they had to record their verses.

"We was hard body at the time. I was listening to the track, and like later on, I was like, what the hell was I rhyming about? I was like I was rhyming some hardcore shit, and he wanted to talk about some bitches."

Though the remix didn't come to fruition, the members of Wu proclaimed their admiration for Drake, most notably Ghostface Killah, who praised Drizzy for paying homage and his ability to spit.