The Saga Continues

Monday, April 22, 2013

Twelve Reasons To Die Interview Series On Wu-International

This week the ambitious “12 Reasons To Die” dropped on Soul Temple Records. Wu-Int has seized the momentum to shine a light on the label and crew behind this great project . Soul Temple Records is launching a breath of fresh air into the hip-hop world, one which is long overdue. Instead of just throwing out random releases one after the other as anyone else in the game, Soul Temple is aiming higher with its releases. The emphasis is on Quality: be it picking the perfect men for each job, production, artwork, total package presentation, … everything must be perfect. However, although relatively new, the label already has had its plate filled with the storm Sandy literally tearing everything up in the days the label was to release its first project.

We are happy to announce we had the chance to interview co-founder Bob Perry and Soul Temple producer/A&R Andrew Kelley on the so far short but rocky road the label has travelled since it started.
Be on the lookout next week as we will post their lengthy but equally interesting interviews on all things “Soul Temple” and off course their stories behind “12 RTD”. But that’s not all, as we speak, Apollo Brown is preparing his track by track rundown of the “Brown tape” version for us. And furthermore has Adrian Younge confirmed he will also run down the original version for us track by track after the hectic period of his “12 Reasons to Die” tour has come to an end. If lucky we might also get few of our questions answered from Ghostface Killah, The RZA and Lil' Fame who we couldnt get right now due to their hectic work load.
See you next week, and if you can not wait, here is the interview that started this series from Adrian Younge.