The Saga Continues

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ghostface Killah Discusses Delivering Music With A Message

Ghostface Killah recently sat down to discuss his legendary career and explained that he’s always been interesting in delivering music with a message. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper took a look at how he’s influenced the world, and expressed his view of new hip hop which he says is predominantly filled with lyrics about living the high life.
Ghostface explained that Islam allowed him and the Wu-Tang Clan to deliver music with a message. “We all studied Islam. It just helped us more to get the awareness to the people; the message that we’re trying to drive. We came up with a message and also thugged out at the same time. We were just regular brothers that were on the block that were fly. We were building. Building is talking, trying to teach somebody. Give somebody some knowledge. And we’d do that all day while we were on the block smoking and drinking,” Ghostface told
Ghostface also took a look at his own influence on the world at large and cited a number of trends that were started as a result of his music. “At the end of the day, people know who it is and stuff like that. I got so many people that follow me — I did ‘Might Healthy,’ they came out with a store called Mighty Healthy. I did ‘Supreme,’ they came up with a store called Supreme. ‘Fishscales,’ they had a clothing line called Fishscales. People tend to just follow a lot of things. I set a lot of trends. My robes to the Wallabees. I don’t think people do it out of disrespect. They’re just fans,” said Ghostface.

According to Ghostface, the substance in hip hop has changed over the years and he says the focus has shifted from content to glamor. “A lot of ones [rappers] today just really talk about the club and their jeweler and cars. I really don’t know, because I don’t hear Slick Rick no more. Nas has slowed down for a minute, because he was one of my best. Even The Genius was one of my best. I don’t really, really hear too much like that,” said Ghostface.