The Saga Continues

Monday, July 11, 2011

RZAs Headphones are fire.

First of all Thank you for your pre-order. As posted on the website we supposed to begin delivery this but there was a fire in the production plant and we are backed up. If you like I can send you a link so you can download the album until the physical copies are ready. Once they are ready you will receive yours in the mail (about 10 days). I apologize for the delay but we had a set back due to the fire.

Thank you for understanding.



  1. These are on fire. Much luv to The Abbott.

    Read my post on The Maxiemillion blog about these jewelz.

  2. How couldn't this chemistry be hot .. two cats who never left n stay true! Stay up- Kcool Radio F.Your.FM

  3. where can i buy some of these at?