The Saga Continues

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A message from General Wah

Peace , my name is  Free, also known as General Wah, formally GhostFace Killahs mananger from 1994- 2004.. I'm here to announce to check out wu-international site from june 6th - 10th, for my 1st exclusive  interview in a 2 part session. I'm not only revealing my position within the fabric of WuTang, I'm also introducing my new female Pop/RnB artist named CHANEL.  In which you can get a chance, to witness a star being born! And the wu fans can witness it first hand.. So check out IAMTHECHANEL.COM and preview the album.  I guarantee and enjoyable listening experience!
Peace Free


  1. will be checking it out dont you worry

    yall gotta chekout this dude hes got next level skillz, smarts and drive and gets shit poppin, a real dude, you gotta respect this, what do yall think, I think this dude needs that extra push to go next level right now he's keeping it straight rugged making money doing tats and little show while raising a kid, need to find venues for this dude, he drives all over N-A for HIPHOP, real things, what do yall think especially yall Wu promoters?